Admission & Visa Process

For Admission to the University and issue of visa for travel to Ukraine, the student will first send their high school mark sheet and a copy of the passport with name, passport number and date of birth of student.

On this basis a “Letter of Invitation” will be issued. This is a legal document on the basis of which a student can apply for a visa from the Embassy of Ukraine. A payment is to be made for the letter of invitation.

Documents for Visa

Other Documents needed for the Visa are:

  • Copy of the Document of Education with the list of studied courses (subjects) and received grades (points or marks) in original
  • A copy of the Certificate of Birth in original
  • Health Certificate by an authorized clinic issued not more than two month before the date of entry to Ukraine
  • Document showing the absence of HIV infection, unless otherwise provided by international agreements of Ukraine
  • Insurance policy for emergency medical care (except for foreigners having arrived from countries with which agreements on free provision of emergency medical care concluded)
  • 12 Passport sized photos

Issue of Visa by Embassy

Documents are to be certified, legalized and translated to Ukrainian before submission to the Embassy of Ukraine covering the student’s home country. The Embassy may hold a personal interview of the student to establish credentials; before issue of visa. Student Visas are issued from Mid-August till mid-November. The student has to cross the border into Ukraine before 15th of November. After this date student entry is by special permission only given on a case to case basis.

Arrival in Ukraine

First year student must enter Ukraine before the issued visa expires and before 15th of November with complete documents and translations. They must inform the University about date of travel; port of entry; name, number and arrival time of the flight. The University informs Immigration Department of arrival of the student. Failure to inform may result in the deportation by immigration.

Admission Contract

The student goes to the University and presents the original documents. An interview-test is held before the student is admitted. A contract is signed between the student and University with terms and fees to be paid. Tuition fees are the same through the period of education, which is stated in the contract. The University will file for annual visa, issue a student identity card and complete police / foreigners registration.

Hostel Contract

Students sign a separate annual contract for Hostel. Admission to University does not guarantee room in the Hostel. Beds are allocated on the basis of availability. Students should join early in the session to ensure hostel accommodation, as it is filled up quickly. Hostel fees are paid once in the beginning of the year.

Living outside the Hostel

Students can choose to live in private flats. Students must inform the University of their address for intimation to Foreigners Registration Office.

Medical Insurance

The student has to purchase an annual medical insurance at time of Admission. This has to be done each year.


Fees once paid to University cannot be refunded.

Visa Renewal

The student must inform and consult with the University before traveling out of Ukraine to enable the University to arrange for the relevant re-entry visa.


There are no scholarships for International Students. All international students have to pay full fees as laid down by the Law in Ukraine.